A short introduction

Mediajam was founded in 2008. At first just as a company to make the website klimaatinfo.nl (whatstheweatherlike.org). Besides my regular job I worked on the website in the evening. Making this website brought me, altough just virtualy, to the most beautiful and interesting places on earth. It made me curious after the real world and I was realy enjoying writing about those different places. In 2012 I decided to the take the big leap . I quit my job and started focussing solely on making websites about traveling and food. Doing this Iím finaly combining my three great hobbies; good food, traveling and photography. Thatís why Mediajam focusses on travel and food related websites. All of my websites are written from my own experience and with the use of my own photoís. I like to share my personal opinion about a destination and give people an honest account of the country. My pictures help me to take people virtualy to the most beautiful places oneart, closeby but also far away. My website lissabonvoorbeginners.nl is a good example of this, but also my collaboration with the Silvermedia Company on steden.net. The world is a beautiful place and I like to show it to everyone.

Most of the traveling I do on my own. But my wife and young daughter frequently travel with me. It gives me the chance to also take their experiences and use those in my websites to see the world through their eyes. The Ardennes in Belgium are one of our favorite family destinations and thatís how allesoverdeardennen.nl came to be. Besides websites purely about one special destination I also share my experiences on instagram, facebook, twitter and several blogwebsites.

My passion for good food was fed toroughly during my travels. Because I had no platform to share these experiences I started a new website Nieuwbourgondie together with three other authors. Us also being friends ment we already shared our foodsories with each other. We felt the need to share this with more people than just us four. Nieuw Bourgondie takes care of that. Important in all of my websites is the authenticatie of the information, I only write about a place if I can do so from my own account. My own pictures are part of that.
Curious about what else I make or do ? Send an email to info@mediajam.nl